Server updated to season 6 27 / 10 / 2020

Dear players on the Low x100 server due to low online, we want to inform you that Low x100 will be disabled.
But we also have good news!
As we already announced at the opening about the preparation of game updates, we did not sit idly by.
Our server has been partially redesigned, and what's more, we've added a lot of interesting events, effects and mounts.
New interface, new stones and new options, full details below.

Wing upgrade with new effects - Here

New Pets and Opt - Here

Auto attack   - Here

Jewelry Bank changed - Here

Premium can be purchased in-game - Here

Changed stores (credits replaced with WcoinC)

Rank of players by the number of quests - Here

Game quest system changed (New quest system)

Custom Monster (display info) - Here

Items at the start for a period of + buff - Here

Sockeye of Icarus map - Here

Added Combo of all classes - Here

Command to change the chest - Here

Change of nickname in the game - Here

Change of game class in the game - Here

New interface when creating a character - Here

Added effects for Horse + Mount - Here

Item elements - Here

Item Post with panel display - Here

New pets that can be improved - Here

Ranking in the game - Here

New interface and new panel - Here

Auction - Here

New quest system - Here

New events

Guid VS Guild - Here

Duel Bet - Here

Pvp Championship event - Here

Added Gens system - Here

Reset stats and information about players - Here

Long-awaited opening 03 / 09 / 2020

Grand Open ToysMU.Pro will take place on September 4  2020  20:00.
We have tried for a very long time to distinguish our project from the rest,
Hardcore MMORPG for MuOnline fans.
Here you will find many elements now lost by the genre.
Addictive gameplay with challenging experience and death penalty,
A player-driven economy, as well as hot battles between clans, alliances are already waiting for you in the world of ToysMU.Pro 
Find out what you are really capable of!
We are the owners of two large projects Cabal Online and Aion,
We are not dependent on other programmers.
We have our own programmers and after the opening we bring a lot of interesting things into the game:
New Kastums, improved game interface, Rank of all characters and a lot of interesting things.
As with our two big projects, we will be different from the rest in the world of MuOnline.
We've brought some other world features to the game in MuOnline.
We guarantee you a smooth gameplay without losing any characters.
Installed good protection on the website from StormWall (Anti-DDOS),
Good protection on the server itself from StormWall from any attacks,
Powerful protection against cheaters, the best of all MuOnline.
Technical parameters of our servers - ensure stable operation 24/7
Nice system of sequential interesting quests.
New cards, items and monsters.
A special multi-level system of ancient sets of things.
Nice VIP system, with the ability to achieve more experience and % crafting.
A lively economy where stones, skills, orbs and things are valued.
Everything can be achieved in a game way, there are spots on all locations,
Many bosses in all locations,
A time-tested server, make sure of this.
On our server, we have implemented: change of appearance, crafting system, management of the clan chest, events,
At the moment, there is a CBT before the opening!


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